Reception at Tomasz Rut’s Studio

On Friday, March 30th, 2012 we had the pleasure of hosting an evening reception at Tomasz Rut’s studio and his house to unveil the newest originals and limited editions created by the artist. Approximately sixty new and old fans and collectors of Tomasz Rut’s artwork attended our delightful event, enjoying the introduction to the artist’s workplace and their personal contact with Tomasz. Thank you all for your attendance and for your support!

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The Collectable Works and an Interview with Tomasz Rut

In his latest interview with Stephanie Payne for an online publication, Tomasz Rut talks about the beginning of his artistic career, his technique, and his recent trip to the Vatican, also expressing some of his personal views on contemporary art.

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The Night The Stars Fell

In a tribute to the Native American culture and tradition, Tomasz Rut has just completed an original painting of the sacred white buffalo, an extremely rare animal, first documented as a trophy of the Cheyenne hunt during the Leonid Meteor Shower in 1833 (The Night the Stars Fell).


With admiration for the American Indian history, the artist wishes to acknowledge and honor the great spiritual importance of the symbols, continuing beliefs and the traditional way of life of the Native People.

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Celebrating the spirit of the Olympic competition and glory, Tomasz presents his new painting “Olympica” in a tribute to the athletes partaking in the 2012 XXX Summer Games in London.

Olympica, Tomasz Rut“I am dedicating this work to my father and to all the Olympic athletes in the past and present who, with their determination, persistence and achievements have been contributing to defining the limits of our human aspirations and ambitions”, says Tomasz, son of the Olympic medalist from Rome, 1960, Tadeusz Rut, who passed in 2002.

The artist has also commemorated his late father, who greatly inspired his artwork, in another recent work and part of his Olympic series, “The Hammer Thrower”.

Hammer ThrowerClick here to read article

“Olympica” is currently under the consideration of the Olympic Committee as an official image of the 2012 London Olympics.

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Tomasz Rut’s Art in the Vatican Collection!

On Wednesday, October 12, 2011 during the artist’s audience with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, attended by thousands of spectators from around the world at the St. Peter’s square in the Vatican, two large paintings by Tomasz Rut entered the St. Peter’s cathedral after being blessed by the Holy Father.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI blessing Tomasz Rut's paintings entering St. Peter's Cathedral to become part of the Vatican Collection.

Nolite Timere, Pope John Paul II, Lech Walesa, Tomasz Rut


Pope John Paul II, Be Not Afraid, Tomasz Rut


During his meeting with Pope Benedict, Tomasz presented him also with the book recently published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana featuring the third of his series of “Nolite Timere” paintings honoring Pope John Paul II and President Lech Walesa.

The Audience

Book published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana featuring the third of the Nolite Timere paintings presented to the Pope during the audience.

“I am deeply moved and still overwhelmed by the experience”, humbly says Tomasz Rut, already considered as one of the most collectible contemporary artists: “To see my paintings in the company of Michelangelo, Rafael and all the other great names who have led, defined and inspired our culture for hundreds of years is the greatest honor and acknowledgment I could hope for.”

The two original paintings owned by the Vatican and blessed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, are being released as limited edition prints, signed and numbered by the Artist, and will be available directly from Tomasz Rut Studio.

Click Here to read the latest story by the Sun Sentinel.

For more information call: 954-512-4689 or email:


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“TO KALON” (greek: the beautiful)

In one of his latest paintings, “TO KALON” (greek: the beautiful), TR portrayed his friend, Pietros Maneos, an extraordinary young poet whose verses, reverberating the classical lyricism and ideals, express the aesthetics germane to his artwork. “The guardian of the ever alive beauty”, Mr. Maneos is the author of “The Soul of a Young Man” published by S. Perocchi. He has recently narrated Tomasz Rut’s video documentary.

To Kalon 30x50 oil on canvas

Here is what Pietros had to say about TR’s “TO KALON” in his ekphrastic poem:

Ode on Tomasz Rut’s ΤΟ.ΚΑΛΟΝ

A Renaissance of The Beautiful
sprung from the dextrous, deft hand
of Tomasz Rut:
a Modern Michelangelo
the veritable son of Caravaggio;
whose refined sensibility
is worthy of Apollo, the father of Beauty.

Though he is descended from the heroic Hussars,
his Soul is fully Italian, fully Grecian.
For he is a disciple of The Beautiful
in a world that is often hostile
to this everlasting, ever-beautiful ideal.

He is an apostle of The Aesthetic
Painting the celestial dreams of the human Soul.
Every work a gospel inscribed with the breath of divinity –
Rich in Romantic Poetry
Classic Imagery
and long-forgotten Mythology.

His brush-strokes sing the very songs of beautiful-songed Arcady.
Expressing the Passion, the Emotion, and the suffering of Pompeii:
Hopeful, yet tinged with a hint of invariable decay,
but always avoiding the Modern cliché
of abject, abysmal Despair.

And so as I begin the steady procession of Aging,
My hair receding, becoming threadbare and comically thin.
My skin surely sagging, even wrinkling.
My once youthful muscles redolent of an ancient Olympian,
a champion of wrestling, boxing or even of Pankration,
gradually softening –
possessing only the strength of a flowery maiden
I still will be able to say:
‘In my youth, I too was strong and beautiful
The progeny of Herakles and Alcibiades
The very essence of ΤΟ.ΚΑΛΟΝ
For I was once painted by the Immortal Master,
Tomasz Rut, son of Tadeusz, the celebrated Olympian,
And heir to the great Apelles.’

Thank you, Pietros

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Just Released! New Tomasz Rut video featuring some of his newest work.

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